Customisable vocal and voiceover booths

Design your individual studio setup in the most flexible way. Enjoy exciting possibilities. Appreciate incomparable efficiency. Savour remarkable personality.

Voiceover Recording Booths

The Professional Voice-Over Add-on for StudioBricks

The Studiobricks Voice-Over Booth takes the already excellent sound-isolating properties of our vocal booth and adds the functionality demanded by busy voice-over artists and podcasters.

Improvements in digital recording hardware and software mean that busy voice-over artists frequently work from home, a far cry from yesteryear when artists could find themselves running around town from studio to studio.

Whilst the recording technology has improved, recording at home presents its own challenges with extraneous noise, whether external (birdsong, traffic, weather, nearby schools) or internal (family members, central heating systems or domestic appliances).

Many voiceover artists have used the Studiobricks vocal booth as a quick and easy solution to the problems of extraneous noise and with the flexibility that allows them to customise our acoustic cabins to suit their needs.

In response to this need, Black Cat Music & Acoustics are pleased to offer the Studiobricks VO Edition, pre-supplied with all the features required to get your vocal booth operational straight away.

Vocal Booths - Studiobricks VO Edition

VO Edition

The Professional Voice-Over Add-on for StudioBricks

Studiobricks acoustic booth in red.


Compact sound isolation booth for the home

One Plus large sound isolation booth in green

One Plus

More space to move, yet compact and flexible

One Plus XXL large sound isolation booth in blue

One Plus XXL

Even more space for professional sound production and music practice

Customizable sound isolation booth in white


Our interior acoustic elements can be adapted to fit your needs

Our Studiobricks VO Edition offers all of the benefits of the standard Studiobricks vocal booth but with the following additional items:

  • Additional Vicoustic A50 Absorber on upper level
  • SuperBass90 Bass trap: Grey
  • Table: 90 cm x 35 cm – other sizes available
  • TV Support: Max. 38-68 cm. | 13“ – 27“ | 100 x 100 mm. VESA
  • Mika Monitor Arm: Aluminium
  • Mika copy Stand: A3
  • MMS Wall Pole
  • Mika Pole Halter
  • Mika Microphone Arm: Aluminium

FocusRight Scarlett-2i2 Studio Interface Option

Scarlett’s best-selling interface is available for StudioBricks. Millions of musicians and voiceover artists use 2i2 to write and record every day. Featuring natural sounding 3rd Generation mic preamps, and Air, emulating Focusrite’s original ISA preamps, 2i2 is getting voice-over artists and musicians the most from their mics.

Yellowtec m!ke Microphone Arms Option

Designed for seamless integration, the m!ka Mic and Monitor Mounting System provides you with an elegant and powerful combination of components. Design your individual studio setup in the most flexible way. Enjoy exciting possibilities. Appreciate incomparable efficiency. Savour remarkable personality.

m!ka Arm Support offers a choice of multiple ways to mount your m!ka Microphone Arms, m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arms and m!ka Studiolights. All of them are equipped with a bolt at their bottoms which can be used for our various plug-in mounts. Choose between different options to mount m!ka Arms to your desk, wall, m!ka Pole or m!ka System Wall. See images for some of the many mounting options.
Full details of the range are in the documents below.

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“The Booths have completely transformed our compact office space, with the impressive sound-proofing allowing us to create intimate meeting rooms, increasing productivity for all team members.”

Becky Murphy, Marketing Manager at Scendea

“Truly an amazing piece of kit that students in modern day F.E. and H.E. surroundings need”

Chris Hobson, Southern Regional College

“I just love it and can’t imagine how I managed in my pre-booth days when I had to stop recording if the birds were in particularly enthusiastic song, when planes flew over the garden or when my neighbour took a lively Skype call!”

Bethan Dixon Bate, award-winning voiceover artist