“The sound quality is incredible!” – Rachael Naylor, CEO of The Voiceover Network, experiences the Studiobricks VO booth at ‘Get Your Game On’ Conference 2022

26th May 2023

Rachael Naylor, Voiceover Artist, Podcaster and CEO and Founder of The Voiceover Network and Editor of The Buzz Magazine, had the chance to experience the Studiobricks VO booth at ‘Get Your Game On’ conference 2022, and was wowed by the sound quality inside the booth.

The ‘Get Your Game On’ conference 2022 was a very well-attended, busy and noisy conference.  Stepping inside the Studiobricks ONE VO booth for a few moments, Rachael was able to shut out the noise from the outside world and experience the professional recording quality inside the VO booth.  She recorded the results:

As well as providing superb sound-isolation (the Studiobricks booths offer 45dB sound reduction), the VO booths create the correct acoustic environment for recording professional voiceover.  They are easy to build and relocate, Studiobricks offer flexible sizes and the booths are manufactured using recycled materials (the acoustic foam is made from recycled PET, and the acoustic material in the walls is made of recycled fabric).

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