The Black Cat team will be taking Studiobricks to VOX again in November 2023

14th September 2023

The Black Cat team will be at VOX conference again in November 2023!

VOX 23 will be celebrating Human Performances in the Voiceover Industry, live and in-person, from Walton Hall, Warwickshire, England.

VOX presenters include Hugh Edwards, Emma Wing, Stephane Cornicard, Emily Jardine and Katy Maw.

VOX started life as a party called Radio Daze, held in honour of the East Sheen Repertory Company in 1994. Since then it has been managed by many industry legends – and 28 years from its creation returned home to one of the original organisers, Peter Dickson.

Black Cat Music & Acoustics has been proud to be the exclusive UK distributor for Studiobricks for over a decade now. The Studiobricks sound-isolation booths offer state-of-the-art sound isolation using sustainable materials. Fully relocatable and easy to assemble, the booths are ideal for voiceover artists, audiobook narrators, radio broadcasters and podcasters.

Originally designed for recording music, the booths offer 45dB sound isolation and are ideal for practising and recording music, singing and the spoken voice.

Studiobricks booth with bicycle||
Studiobricks VO booth (with bicycle!)||