Award-winning Voiceover Actor and Podcaster Ian Brannan escapes the noise of the outside world in his Studiobricks VO booth with this incredible YouTube video!

Ian Brannan

Watch his YouTube video:

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See what some of our customers have said about their STUDIOBRICKS sound-isolation cabins:

Rachael Naylor, Voiceover, Podcaster and CEO of The Voiceover Network

“The sound quality is incredible!”

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Becky Murphy, Marketing Manager at Scendea

“The Booths have completely transformed our compact office space, with the impressive sound-proofing allowing us to create intimate meeting rooms, increasing productivity for all team members.”

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Chris Hobson, Southern Regional College

“Truly an amazing piece of kit that students in modern day F.E. and H.E. surroundings need”

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Award-winning voiceover artist Bethan Dixon Bate describes her Studiobricks booth

‘I just love it and can’t imagine how I managed in my pre-booth days when I had to stop recording if the birds were in particularly enthusiastic song, when planes flew over the garden or when my neighbour took a lively Skype call!’

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Dawkes Music

Our Studio Bricks Studio Room is ‘professional quality’ 

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Voice Actor and Audiobook Narrator Gabrielle Baker

‘The best business investment I’ve made!’

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Award-winning British director and musician Thomas Guthrie

‘Fantastic service with Black Cat Acoustics – and I’m delighted with the Studiobricks booth.’ 

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British voiceover artist and podcaster Ben Wake

“All I can say is WOW!!  I invested in the Studiobricks One Plus VO Edition having seen it at the One Voice Conference in London, as a Voice Actor my recording space is integral to my job and this does not disappoint.” 

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UK Voiceover Artist Verity Panter

“What a fantastic booth! I love the quality and went for the full VO version which is very comfortable, plenty of room to work.” 

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