Studiobricks turns plastic bottles into acoustic panels

20th April 2022

The Studiobricks team have recently launched their new range of ECO absorbers, made from recycled plastic bottles.

Speaking to international VoiceOver blogger Nethervoice, Studiobricks CEO Guillermo Jungbauer comments on the latest eco-friendly product development: “We wanted to produce [our absorber panels] in a more eco-friendly way. Since the last four years we heat our plant with zero emissions and in the next weeks we will launch our brand new ECO Absorbers, mostly made from recycled PET bottles. 

“PET (or Polyethylene terephthalate) is a strong, stiff synthetic fibre from the family of polymers. Almost every plastic water bottle on earth is made of PET.

Jungbauer continues, “In general, PET absorber material is not so effective, because of the flat structure. For this reason we invested a lot of money in special tooling, specialists and machinery, in order to obtain more acoustic superficies on each panel. With the manipulation of the material we have now been able to improve the absorption significantly! As far as I know there is no other manufacturer who is able to manipulate the 45mm PET material in this way. So this is definitely unique!

“An independent laboratory has tested our new acoustic panels and they did perform significantly better than other panels currently on the market. These acoustic panels can be used in recording studios, offices, and in every space that needs acoustic treatment. They will be sold separately and sales will start very soon.”

Black Cat Music & Acoustics is the UK distributor for the Studiobricks booths. For more information on the Studiobricks acoustic booths or the new absorber panels, just call the Black Cat team on 01892 619719 (or email

The Studiobricks team have recently launched their new range of ECO absorbers