Studiobricks One Plus

Our state-of-the-art sound-isolation is paired with sustainable production practices & impeccable aesthetics, while our patented design allows you to assemble & disassemble the booth whenever life requires. We are experts in acoustics with over a decade of experience producing sound isolation booths for musicians and recording professionals. 

  • Ideal for VAs, narration, podcast, home musicians. singers and general music practice.
  • A compact space that makes all-important practice & recording possible from home. Studiobricks One offers the user the flexibility to work in a professional environment from the comfort of home.

Studiobricks One

Modular acoustic booth that’s easy to put up and take down

  • Studiobricks One allows you to practice & record at home regardless of the time of day or who is at home. Studiobricks A unique acoustic cabin that offers true flexibility for work from home users.
  • Structural acoustic insulation made from 100% recycled cotton fibers (no use of mineral wool or foams).
  • Interior acoustic absorbers are made with recycled P.E.T. (thermally bonded, without chemical binders) and fixed tightly with water-based adhesive.
  • Spacious on the inside and unimposing from the out.
  • Eco sound absorbing materials designed and produced by Studiobricks
  • Every sound deserves a space. Our interior acoustic elements can be adapted to fit your needs.


Finance options available for commerial and educational customers

Subject to eligibility – please enquire to find out more.

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