Sound isolation rooms are very affordable with new leasing scheme from Black Cat Music

11th July 2022

Not only can our sound isolation rooms solve noise problems, but the new Structured Payment Options system from Black Cat Music can solve the financing of the project too.

Already customers of our sound isolation rooms are discovering benefits besides the main purpose of providing a controlled acoustic environment for music rehearsals without disturbance to other people nearby. Because these rooms are so effective some colleges are putting two or three in an area, which is a very economic use of scarce space. More practice time can then be scheduled for more students and in the evenings the facility can be hired out to local musical groups. When setting up a new music facility like this, spreading the costs of equipment over the following years can now be an affordable benefit thanks to the Structured Payment Options system recently announced by Black Cat Music. 

We know how budgets are tight so Black Cat Music has come up with a scheme to spread payments over a period of up to five years. We use a government compliant operating lease, ensuring the purchase is within government guidelines which offers benefits for government funded schools and organisations. The scheme smooths out budgets and cash flow while allowing investment in music performance equipment that doesn’t compromise on quality. The scheme also applies to independent schools and other non-government funded organisations. Terms and Conditions apply, these and further details can be read online.

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Sound isolation rooms are very affordable with new leasing scheme from Black Cat Music