One Plus

One Plus

More space to move, yet compact and flexible. The perfect soundproof booth for home or small recording studios and ideal for voiceover, narration, and music practice.

But that’s not all:

Eliminate Noise Disturbance

Whether you need to focus on work, make important phone calls, create content, or simply relax, our sound isolation booth will effectively block out external noise, allowing you to concentrate on what matters most.

Enhanced Productivity and Creativity

By creating an isolated and distraction-free space, our Studiobrick One Plus enables you to boost your productivity and unleash your creativity.

Versatility and Flexibility

Our soundproof booth can serve as a private meeting room, a vocal booth for musicians, a quiet study area, or a phone booth for professionals.


Our Studiobrick One Plus is fireproof and has ecological insulation, in addition to acoustic treatment based on 100% recycled cotton and PET. We don’t use mineral wool or foams, so our soundproof booths are as eco-friendly as possible.


Prices start from: £6,188 + delivery and VAT

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External dimensions
106 x 168 x 226 cm (3.48 x 5.51 x 7.41 ft)
Internal dimensions
90 x 150 x 210 cm (2.95 x 4.92 x 6.89 ft)
Minimum room height
232 cm (7.61 ft)
Approx. 524 kg (1,155 lb)
Double-wall design: wall thickness
8 cm (3 inch)
Ecofriendly material
Double skin pressed from several layers NAF MDF (non added formaldelhyde).
Structural acoustic insulation made from 100% recycled cotton fibers (no use of mineral wool or foams).
Non-invasive wood glue is used to adhere layers.
Interior acoustic absorbers are made with recycled P.E.T. (thermally bonded, without chemical binders) and fixed tightly with water-based adhesive.
Water-based paint, no use of solvents.
Fire safety
Structural acoustic insulation and roof absorber (recycled fromcotton fibers)
Roof absorber (recycled PET felt)
Eco45 absorber (recycled PET)
Fire retardant MDF: Optional
Two-way sound isolation
Acoustic measurement
Approximately 45 dB in accordance with ISO 717-1
State-of-the-art acoustics achieved by specialized Eco45 acoustic absorbers designed and produced by Studiobricks
Sound control glass door with dark grey aluminium frame and temperature/sound edge spacer. Block of silent laminated safety glass with air chamber and acoustic door handle sealing system.
Double-wall design
Exterior Color
White (Additional color options available)
Sound isolation glass door
2.46 x 6.89 ft (0.75 x 2.10 m)
Soundproof ventilation kit
Adjustable intensity levels
Extremely quiet
Easy filter exchange
Grey (deburred)
Integrated lighting
LED strip light
Cable tunnel
(up to 10 cables)
Ventilator and cable
Acoustic equipment
Studiobricks Classic 50and Studiobricks Classic 50 light grey
Additional absorbers and bass traps available (see next tab “Extra Equipment”)
Studiobricks Eco45 (PET) and Studiobricks EcotexOne (PET felt + cotton fibers)
Custom colors
All RAL colors available. (
Custom heights
Voice Over Edition

Additional acoustic absorber

Studiobricks Eco45 (PET) and Studiobricks EcotexOne (PET felt + cotton fibers)

Studiobricks Classic BTrap (for double-walled and ONE booths)


TV support

Pre-installation with
– Monitor Arm
– Copy holder
– Microphone Arm

Sound control window
Custom solutions available
(additional absorbers, bass traps and reflectors)