Sneak Preview of the Studiobricks booths we will be showing at Clerkenwell this May

19th May 2022

We are looking forward to exhibiting at Clerkenwell Design Week later this month.  Come and see us on stand PB16 in the Project pavilion.

On our stand we will be showing the Studiobricks HALLO booth and the Studiobricks 4-Seater meeting booth.

The HALLO booth (featured below) is a one-person phone booth with a dB reduction rating of 45dB.  Inspired by the German TedH78 phone booth from 1978, it is a flexible, space-saving and elegantly designed phone booth for one person.  Originally developed for the coworking client wework®, the Hallo booth is a comfortable stand-up work environment with an interior desk for working.  On casters for easy relocation.

The 4-SEATER booth (featured below) is perfect for phone calls, video conferences, meetings, or a quiet resting space.  This booth is designed to fit up to four people.*

* The occupancy suggestions are for guidance only.  Depending on your social distancing protocols and policies the occupancy limits may vary.

The Studiobricks Office Solutions booths offer some of the highest sound-isolation on the market, and, as well as creating a pleasant acoustic environment to work in, offer the following benefits:

  • Double skin pressed from several layers of fire retardant EZ (Carb2) MDF & acoustic foam.
  • Non-invasive wood-glue is used to adhere layers.
  • No use of mineral wool or other destructive inputs.
  • Interior acoustic absorbers are fixed tightly with neutral silicone.
  • Water-based paint, no use of solvents.
  • CE-approved.

To find out more, or to book an appointment to view the booths, please call the Black Cat team on 01892 619719.


Sneak Preview of the Studiobricks booth|