State of the art sound isolation booths
Two Customisable Office Booths
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All booths are made of sustainable high-performance materials and provide two-way sound isolation.

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Offer your employees silence and privacy for high concentration work, phone calls & video conferences, meetings and presentations.

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Self Build Acoustic Booths

Black Cat Music is the exclusive UK provider of Studiobricks

Our impressive sound-isolating cabins are available in a range of sizes, from the One, OnePlus and OneXXL .
We are also able to offer custom-built rectangular booths in increments of 30cm.

Our booths offer a 45db noise reduction

Home solutions are self-build

All booths use over 50% recycled materials

View our Booths

Studiobricks acoustic booth in red.


Compact sound isolation booth for the home

One Plus large sound isolation booth in green

One Plus

More space to move, yet compact and flexible

One Plus XXL large sound isolation booth in blue

One Plus XXL

Even more space for professional sound production and music practice

Vocal Booths - Studiobricks VO Edition

VO Edition

The Professional Voice-Over Add-on for StudioBricks

Customizable sound isolation booth in white


Our interior acoustic elements can be adapted to fit your needs


Vocal Booths - Studiobricks VO Edition

Voiceover & Podcast Artists

singer<br />


soundproof recording studio

Recording Studios

Education & Recording


Acoustic cabins booths


Studiobricks advantages

State-of-the-art sound isolation.

We have been perfecting our sound control technology for over 10 years. All booths are made of sustainable high-performance materials and provide two-way sound isolation.

Comfortable silence to focus on what matters, privacy for high-concentration work, phone calls & video conferences, meetings and presentations.

Quick & Easy to Assemble

The acoustic booth can be built in a couple of hours…. and relocated just as fast!

  • No skill required
  • No professional help necessary
  • Only everyday tools required: screwdriver, spirit level and stepladder
  • All panels are acoustically sealed – minimising noise escape
  • CE compliant
  • Balanced interior acoustics ensure high sound quality
  • Door window for light and security
  • Fan-assisted ventilation for a pleasant environment
  • Modular panel design makes virtually any size cabin possible
  • Typical sound insulation performance: 46dB in accordance with ISO 717-1
  • Every acoustic cabin booth is checked and assembled before leaving our plant
  • Full manufacturer’s support and warranty

& flexible

Studiobricks booths can be customised to suit your needs. Whatever space you have, our booths can adapt in size, elements positioning, and colour.

Thanks to the patented modular system you can add windows and doors.

Change the fabric of the seating and acoustic absorbers. The options we offer give you freedom to design your work space and your work dynamics.

The walls of our booths are constructed with recycled denim and foam made of upholstery residues and jeans factories. The acoustic panels that dress the booths are designed and produced by us with recycled PET.

These materials not only allow for environmentally sustainable practices, but also provide professional acoustic design for sound production and music practice.

Eco friendly

“The Booths have completely transformed our compact office space, with the impressive sound-proofing allowing us to create intimate meeting rooms, increasing productivity for all team members.”

Becky Murphy, Marketing Manager at Scendea

“Truly an amazing piece of kit that students in modern day F.E. and H.E. surroundings need”

Chris Hobson, Southern Regional College

“I just love it and can’t imagine how I managed in my pre-booth days when I had to stop recording if the birds were in particularly enthusiastic song, when planes flew over the garden or when my neighbour took a lively Skype call!”

Bethan Dixon Bate, award-winning voiceover artist

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