New web site offers route to solving noise problems

20th November 2020

A new web site just launched by Black Cat Acoustics provides authorative guidance to steer anyone experiencing noise problems quickly towards pin-pointing a solution.

The website has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible.  There is a section which deals with common noise problems and their solutions, and includes some useful illustrative diagrams.  But most important of all you are just one click away from expert help. Because schools can be particularly prone to acoustic problems, the new web site dedicates a section offering helpful information and a “speak to the experts” button.

If preventing noise related nuisance is the issue, then sound isolated music practice rooms can provide the answer. And while visiting that part of the site check out the videos to discover the other benefits these custom built self-contained, air-conditioned acoustic spaces provide for the musicians, not to mention the improved utilisation of space.

For stages and concert halls where the challenge is to improve the acoustics within the auditorium, then the Wenger range of acoustic shells will probably fit the bill.

Packed with useful information, example case studies, video demonstrations and user testimonials is a ‘must bookmark’ web site for anyone with noise problems or seeking a better acoustc environment.

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