How to build your STUDIOBRICKS

It's this easy to build your STUDIOBRICKS!

Your cabin will arrive on a pallet or crate.

You will need the following tools:

Two allen keys (supplied free with the cabin), a screwdriver, a spirit level, and a stepladder

It’s this easy to build your STUDIOBRICKS sound-isolation cabin!

1) First, install the door handle

Step 1

2) Next, level the floor by adjusting the feet. Like the wall panels, the floor panel is made of acoustic materials to prevent sound from escaping downwards

Step 2

3) Once you’ve put the floor down, you can start building the walls.  The interlocking panels simply slot together – no tools required

Step 3

4) Vertical and horizontal battens secure the panels in place

Step 4

5) The sound-isolating door is the heaviest part of the room, so get an extra pair of hands to help you ease it into place

Step 5

6) The ceiling is in two parts.  First insert the larger outer frame, then insert the smaller, inner panel

Step 6

The structure of your STUDIOBRICKS is now complete!

1) You can now start to put the absorbers up on the wall on the inside of the room.  The absorbers come with an adhesive reverse side – simply peel the wrapper off the back

Internal - Step 1

2) Screw the ventilator inside the booth using the pre-drilled pilot holes

Internal - Step 2

3) Lastly, install the cable port.  This has been cleverly designed to enable you to feed your cables through, while blocking noise escape

Internal - Step 3

4) Success!  Now you are ready to start using your STUDIOBRICKS

Internal - Step 4

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