HOLA booth is now on show in Bachmann’s Clerkenwell showroom

22nd September 2022

We recently launched the Studiobricks HOLA booth in Bachmann’s Clerkenwell show-room.

The HOLA booth can now be powered entirely by a Bachmann battery, making it more flexible and energy-saving than ever.

About the Bachmann battery…

Collaboration, flexible work, co-working spaces – with BACHMANN’s battery solution, Smart Work scenarios can be implemented easily, flexibly and dynamically. The heart of the independent system kit: The battery supplies the workplace with power. As soon as the LI1000 is fully inserted into the docking station, end devices can be used straight away. The LED display shows the current charge level at the touch of a button. Thanks to an innovative battery storage system, it lasts a full working day.

The Studiobricks booths are also compatible with the Bachmann Iotspot online booking system.

About the Bachmann Iotspot workspace booking system…

Digitalisation is not only an integral part of the workplace – more and more is expected of employees, and in turn, they expect more from their professional environment.  Flexibility is at the heart of it all: including mental, social and physical flexibility. Rigid office infrastructures often prevent our desire for freedom. A barrier to productivity? Definitely!

Home office, meetings and increasing project work mean that desks are not always occupied and employers end up incurring unnecessary costs. To solve these problems, utilise efficient workplace management and a new way of working: Hot Desking.

Whether you are in a co-working space or an open-plan office, flexible workplace options are intended to encourage mutual exchange and increase productivity, in addition to minimising costs. However, on a daily basis many employees in flexible offices struggle to find an available
workplace, their project partners or the desired silence. This is despite the fact that facility monitoring often shows a low office occupancy rate.

Using the iotspot booking system, employees can find and book their workplaces quickly and easily even during exceptional situations such as flu outbreaks or pandemics.