Music Practice Rooms for Schools

Customisable booths for larger sound-isolated spaces in education environments.

State-of-the-art sound isolation

All booths are made of sustainable high-performance materials and provide two-way sound isolation.


The Studiobricks modular, relocatable sound-isolation VO booths can be configured to any size you need – making them the ideal solution for creating larger sound-isolated spaces such as professional recording studios, school music practice rooms, voiceover and podcasting booths, confidential meeting rooms, language laboratories and medical testing.

Superb sound isolation is achieved from the high performance acoustic materials in the patented panels which simply slot together. The modular, interlocking panel design makes virtually any size of room possible and, if required, the booth can be just as easily relocated.


Why are sound booths good for schools?

Sound booths create an insulated environment to accommodate the creativity and talents of students in the fields of music, recording, podcasts, and broadcasting. By offering a soundproof room to students, they can focus better on their work without any distractions, from recording vocals and instruments, to conducting interviews.

Schools can also significantly elevate the quality of audio in various projects. Using soundproof booths for professional sound production will not only improve presentations and multimedia projects but will also reflect well on the school’s commitment to quality education.

Fast installation

Thanks to the patented interlocking panel design, installation of our acoustic recording booths is fast and easy, meaning minimal disruption to your school/college, office or recording studio.


Our Studiobricks booth offers the following benefits:

  • Even the larger acoustic booths can be built in a matter of hours…. and relocated just as fast!
  • Only everyday tools required: screwdriver, spirit level and stepladder
  • Installation is fast and easy, causing minimal disruption to your organisation
  • Excellent sound-isolation performance.  All panels are acoustically sealed – minimising noise escape
  • CE compliant
  • Balanced interior acoustics ensure high sound quality
  • Door window for light and security
  • Fan-assisted ventilation for pleasant environment
  • Modular panel design makes virtually any size acoustic recording booth possible
  • Typical sound insulation performance: 46dB in accordance with ISO 717-1
  • Every acoustic cabin is checked and assembled before leaving our plant
  • Full manufacturer’s support and warranty.
Inside a Studiobricks sound booth
auduiology education

Optional extras:

  • Additional windows
  • CCTV
  • Noise limiting devices
  • Control room and live room set-ups
  • Fire alarm capable
  • Air conditioning interface possible
  • Installation service available
  • Finance available to commercial and educational customers

Prices start from: £6,188 + delivery and VAT

Studiobricks acoustic booth in red.


Compact sound isolation booth for the home

One Plus large sound isolation booth in green

One Plus

More space to move, yet compact and flexible

One Plus XXL large sound isolation booth in blue

One Plus XXL

Even more space for professional sound production and music practice

Vocal Booths - Studiobricks VO Edition

VO Edition

The Professional Voice-Over Add-on for StudioBricks

Customizable sound isolation booth in white


Our interior acoustic elements can be adapted to fit your needs


Vocal Booths - Studiobricks VO Edition

Voiceover & Podcast Artists

Vocal Booths - Studiobricks VO Edition


Acoustic cabins booths

Recording Studios

Education & Recording


Acoustic cabins booths


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“The Booths have completely transformed our compact office space, with the impressive sound-proofing allowing us to create intimate meeting rooms, increasing productivity for all team members.”

Becky Murphy, Marketing Manager at Scendea

“Truly an amazing piece of kit that students in modern day F.E. and H.E. surroundings need”

Chris Hobson, Southern Regional College

“I just love it and can’t imagine how I managed in my pre-booth days when I had to stop recording if the birds were in particularly enthusiastic song, when planes flew over the garden or when my neighbour took a lively Skype call!”

Bethan Dixon Bate, award-winning voiceover artist