Dawkes Music’s Studiobricks Studio Room is ‘professional quality’

11th July 2022

Dawkes Music has installed a Studiobricks Studio Room in their Maidenhead shop, offering a professional set-up for hearing all the details in your sound and performance.

The Studio Room offers:

Dawkes Music’s newest facility, the Studio Room is a professional quality bespoke studio space.  The Studio Room was designed specifically with Dawkes’ space and needs in mind, with high-quality sound proofing. The nature of the Studiobricks booth’s acoustic properties allow for all the details in one’s sound to be heard.

If you’re really looking to form an in-depth understanding of the capabilities of a new instrument or accessory, this is the room for the job.

Such a space also makes it perfect for making high quality recordings. It is also a space dedicated to test Dawkes’s new selection of electronics, such as microphones, amplifiers, and effects pedals.

The Studiobricks Studio Room is set to feature as the new setting for videos released via the Dawkes Music YouTube channel.


About the Studiobricks Booth

The Studiobricks sound-isolation cabin is designed to be incredibly fast and easy to install, without compromising the booth’s excellent sound-isolating properties.

Superb sound isolation is achieved from the high performance acoustic materials in the patented panels which simply slot together. The modular, interlocking panel design makes virtually any size of room possible.

With a typical sound isolation performance of 46dB, the STUDIOBRICKS booth is ideal for professional music studios and for also makes a great home recording studio.

Further information and contacts:

Studiobricks UK
Tel: 01892 619719
Web: www.acousticabins.com

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Dawkes Music’s Studiobricks Studio Room is professional quality||