Clerkenwell Design Week

20th April 2023

Black Cat at Clerkenwell Design Week!

After a very successful show last year, Clerkenwell Design Week will be held again this year between 23rd-25th May.

After the pandemic the sensitivity to sound and the need for multi-zoned office space has seen a huge rise. Booths are now a staple in the office market and there will be plenty of booths at the show in May. 

Here at Black Cat Music & Acoustics we have seen not just an upward trend in the need for office booths but also for media booths that allow a business to create its own media in house without the need to outsource it. Because of this, we will this year be exhibiting one of our media booths at the show, which we feel really stands out amongst the current options in the booth market.

Why come to CDW?

During the three days of Clerkenwell Design Week, new design projects, street spectacles and temporary installations will be located around EC1. They are created to challenge visitors’ perception of design application, as well as to inspire and entertain. You will also find a plethora of events on offer, ranging from product launches to talks and workshops, plus exclusive parties. Take a look below for a run-down of what to see and do.

Clerkenwell Design Week

Modular design

Modular construction market: Driven by rising demand to eliminate on-site constraints

Studiobricks sound isolation booths can be built in minutes, giving you the freedom to assemble and disassemble the booth whenever life requires.

The patented modular system allows for easy setup & breakdown, without sacrificing quality or performance. The secret is in the proprietary tongue-and-groove design that enables easy assembly while preventing sounds from escaping between panels.


We very much hope to see you all there for the show.

Please keep in touch with us and follow us on our social media channels for up to date info!

Love, Black Cat