Choose Studiobricks choose the planet.

7th September 2022

Choose Studiobricks choose the planet.

Creating world-class sound isolation booths is one thing. Building it from high-quality materials with less environmental burden is another. By choosing to reuse waste and explore renewable sources, we minimize the impact of what your product is made of, so we can focus more on how it’s made.

  • Acoustic absorbers made of recycled PET
  • Acoustic insulation made of recycled denim and upholstery residues.
  • Water-based paint
  • Non-added formol MDF

Come and experience the Studiobricks HOLA booth at Bachmann’s Clerkenwell showroom on 20/21 September.

Talks by Boris Bender – independent ‘New Work’ specialist, at 11am and 6pm on both days.

To book your place, RSVP