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We have several demo booths in our Tunbridge Wells showroom.  To book a demo, please complete the form below:

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Vocal Booths - Studiobricks VO Edition

Voiceover & Podcast Artists

Vocal Booths - Studiobricks VO Edition


Acoustic cabins booths

Recording Studios

Education & Recording


Acoustic cabins booths


“The Booths have completely transformed our compact office space, with the impressive sound-proofing allowing us to create intimate meeting rooms, increasing productivity for all team members.”

Becky Murphy, Marketing Manager at Scendea

“Truly an amazing piece of kit that students in modern day F.E. and H.E. surroundings need”

Chris Hobson, Southern Regional College

“I just love it and can’t imagine how I managed in my pre-booth days when I had to stop recording if the birds were in particularly enthusiastic song, when planes flew over the garden or when my neighbour took a lively Skype call!”

Bethan Dixon Bate, award-winning voiceover artist