Your studio, your choice, your way – an interview with award-winning voiceover artist, Louisa Gummer

11th January 2022

Studiobricks booths are already a flexible solution for a host of recording and practice scenarios including, but not limited to, voiceover, podcasts, sound design and gaming as well as music practice from vocal coaching to drum rooms.

This inherent flexibility in use is then further enhanced when our customers start to work with their booth and they frequently share their customising stories whether inherently practical or simply to make the booth a more relaxed place to work or blend with its surroundings.

One such story was related to Chloe Prince at Black Cat Acoustics from award-winning voiceover artist, Louisa Gummer.    

Based in Hackney, Louisa is a much sought after artist with an enviable portfolio of clients from television (BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and the History Channel) to well known brands including Philips, Volkswagen and Halifax to name but a few.

Three years ago, Louisa bought a Studiobricks One booth to improve the sound quality of her recordings. Her booth has all her equipment ingeniously placed within the space using a solution she designed herself. “I looked at the space I had to work with and had a Billy bookcase from Ikea altered so it could be installed in the left-hand wall around my ventilation unit.” Louisa told Chloe recently.

“I constructed a control unit by adding a sliding keyboard shelf and had a couple of holes cut into the bookshelf to allow the microphone cables to pass through. I also added a hook on the underside for my headphones. The flexible shelving positions allow me to have the varied heights I need for my various bits of equipment and I have more storage space then I need.”

As you can see from the image, all of Louisa’s equipment fits comfortably on the shelves.

“Having the equipment all on one side, I have maximised the space that I have to work in. My computer hardware is all working externally to my booth so there is no sound picked up from the fans and, because it all feeds through straight into the booth, I don’t have to keep running in and out to operate my recording programs!”

Serious professionals invest in themselves

When asked why she had elected to buy her booth, Louisa replied “Serious professionals invest in themselves. If you don’t take yourself seriously or invest in your equipment, then why would anyone else? For clients who need a higher level of recording quality you need the right equipment or they just won’t come back to you again. Luckily, I have been working as a voiceover for over 20 years so I have a quick grasp of what a client is looking for, the quality of the recording expected, and what is required of myself as an artist.”

In conclusion Louisa can’t say enough good things about her recording space, “I love my work and I can lose track of time in my booth as I am so comfortable. It’s a bit like a time machine when you close the door. I would certainly recommend it to other working professionals.”

To find out more about Louisa’s work please visit her website or watch out for her at events as she regularly appears as a guest speaker due to her wealth of knowledge in the voiceover field.

Editor’s note. Louisa’s solution is freestanding within her booth. If you are going to make any modifications that are fixed to the walls please run your ideas past the team at Black Cat Music and Acoustics prior to making any modifications to avoid invalidating your warranty.

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