Acoustic tests verify performance of Music Practice Rooms

11th April 2022

Music practice in one part of a school is often a source of disturbance to teachers and pupils studying elsewhere.

Thankfully there is a practical solution in the form of music practice rooms suppled by and recently the company has commissioned new independent testing to verify the laboratory measured performance of music practice rooms in an actual location.

John Read, Acoustic Engineer with explained, “We decided that for acoustic performance data details, we shold present this information based upon independently taken site test results. The site testing of product (DnT,w) is much more representative of ‘actual’ acoustic performance than the more widely quoted (Rs) lab test data.” By way of explanation, the Weighted Standardised Field Level Differene, DnT,w is a measure of the sound insulation performance of a building element that indicates the elvel of speech privacy between spaces. It is characterised by the difference in noise level on each side of a wall or floor. It is a field measurement that relates to the Rw laboratory measurement. The higher the number, the better the insulation performance.

John continued, “These works were completed by Acoustic Associates Ltd, who provided the site test data for ‘room to corridor’ and ‘room to room’ sound insulation performance. We are delighted with the results obtained that demonstrate DnT,w41dB for room to corridor and DnT,w54dB for room to room performance. In both cases these results were ‘worst case’ as the room to corridor results included extract ventilation systems and an access door. The room to room performance may well be slightly compromised by a large observation windown, which also relfects ‘worst case’ circumstances. Given that both results are ‘worst case’, the results obtained remain most acceptable.”

Manager of, Teresa Rogers speaking about the test results said, “We are thrilled with the results of our reent acoustic site tests, which reinforce the excellent feedback we have received from our customers such as Hollington Youth Centre and Lancaster & Morecambe College. Additionally to being modular and easy to install, our music practice rooms have been proven to offer superb acoustic performance. What’s more – thanks to their modular design, our rooms are a cost-effective and flexible solution for schools and colleges.”

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